2mg Blue Xanax Pills(GG249, b707)


Minimum order: 32 Pills You may have learned by now that all the tablets of Xanax that come in rectangular/bar shape are the most common dosage of the drug. Alprazolam or Xanax that comes in the form of a blue Xanax bar is similar to other Xanax bars. A yellow Xanax bar, green Xanax bar, and white Xanax bar are useful in the somewhat same manner. A pill of a blue Xanax bar is also of the same amount as the rest of the other bar tablets of Xanax. The tablet is imprinted with B707 on one side and is rectangular. The strength of a blue Xanax bar is 2mg, which is quite like the other Xanax bars. Side Effects of Xanax Bars – The common side effects that could be seen in patients using real Xanax bars are: Constipation Nausea Diarrhea Blurred vision Vomiting Dizziness Irritability Upset stomach Drowsiness Trouble concentrating Dry mouth Muscle weakness Slurred speech Loss of interest in sex Increased sweating Insomnia Lack of coordination or balance Serious side effects that should be informed to the doctor immediately are: Nervousness or fear Difficult or labored breathing Ear congestion Hallucinations Mood swings Memory problem Blurred vision Suicidal thoughts Body aches or pain Severe abdominal or stomach pain Seizures What Are The Risks Associated With Xanax Use? Xanax is a tranquilizer that slows down normal brain function, which results in adverse effects such as shallow breathing, slurred speech, fatigue, sluggishness, lack of coordination and disorientation, and dilated pupils. Higher doses of Xanax cause memory impairment, loss of coordination, paranoia, irritability, and suicidal thoughts. Some people also become agitated or aggressive after taking Xanax. Using Xanax with any other central nervous system depressants, particularly alcohol, can slow breathing or heart rate, or both. It leads to severe consequences, even death. Continued use of Xanax leads to dependence even at recommended doses. Withdrawal symptoms may also appear if a person stops using Xanax abruptly. As all tranquilizers slow brain activity, when someone stops taking them, rebound effects can occur, such as seizures. Tolerance to Xanax can also occur. People require larger than previous doses to achieve similar effects when they develop tolerance. It often leads to overdose as the user takes more than prescribed doses to get the results. Prescription tranquilizers like Xanax can be highly addictive, as a person needs to continue the doses of a drug despite its harmful consequences. What Are Some Signs of Xanax Use? Signs of Xanax use at a glance: -Suicidal thoughts -Paranoia -Irritability -Memory impairment -Dilated pupils -Loss of coordination -Disorientation -Fatigue -Sluggishness -Shallow breathing -Slurred speech Buy real Xanax from our shop!!